Select Chorus

  • Welcome to the HMS Select Chorus Webpage!

    Our Winter Concert will be Thursday, December 12th, 2016, at HMS, at 7PM. Please see the details below!

    Possible Concert/MitP Pieces (click to listen):
    Kyrie (Schubert)
    Salseo (Galian)
    How Can I Keep From Singing? (Walker)


    Please plan to have all students show up by 6:30 on concert nights. This may change as we get closer and solidify the program more, but that is the earliest they will have to be here.

    culmination of our rehearsal is the ability to share our art with others, and it is very important to have each student who has been a part of rehearsal be there to perform. Please know that concert attendance is mandatory.


    Boys- White collar shirt, necktie, nice black pants, black socks, and black shoes


    Girls- White top with sleeves, nice black dress pants,

    and black shoes


    For all Haviland Choruses, no skirts or dresses of any kind will be permitted.  The goal of our concert dress code is to present a uniform and professional appearance to the audience, and this is the best way for us to achieve this goal. Please direct any questions to Mrs. Barbara Marrine, Director of Fine Arts.

     Grades are derived from homework, class work, preparedness, attendance, and concert attendance.


    Our concerts will be on the following dates:
    7th/8th Mixed Chorus: Thursday, Dec. 8th; Monday, May 8th
    Select Chorus: Monday, Dec. 12th; Monday, May 10th 
    Chamber Choir: Monday, Dec 12th; Monday, May 10th
    6th Chorus: Tuesday, Dec. 20th; Tuesday, May 16th
    Women's Choir: Tuesday, Dec 20th; 
    Tuesday, May 16th
    Men's Choir: Tuesday, Dec 20th; 
    Tuesday, May 16th

    Other important dates:
    Junior High All-County: Fri and Sat, January 27th/28th
    NYSSMA Solos: Fri and Sat, April 28th/29th (Red Hook HS)
    NYSSMA Majors: May 23rd OR 24th (during school day)
    Music in the Parks: Friday, May 26th