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  • French 1a & 1- Madame Welti

    Bonjour!  I am looking forward to exploring the French-speaking world with you.  Please read the information below.  I find that students are more successful when they understand the expectations, feel comfortable in the classroom and are therefore willing to take chances with the language.  Allons-y!


    Curriculum & Goals

    French will be taught using a communicative approach, with the goals of:

    • making gains in the four target areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing

    • learning culturally appropriate behaviors

    • understanding the cultural variations among different French speaking countries.

    We will be using the textbook, C’est à toi, which I will supplement with additional authentic recordings, video clips and written material from various French speaking countries.

    French 1a (7th grade)  will cover units 1-6; French 1 (8th grade) will cover units 7-12.


    Speaking is an important part of a foreign language class.  Students need to feel comfortable and be willing to risk making mistakes.  You are expected to be supportive of one another and be patient listeners.  Additional classroom rules have been posted in the classroom, which we have discussed.



    Class begins when the bell rings.  Please be prompt and come with all required materials.  As soon as you are settled in, you are expected to begin your “starter” activity. 



    Seating will be decided by the teacher.  Desk arrangements will vary throughout the year and by activity.  You will have the opportunity to work with different partners.  Please remember to be kind and supportive!  Everyone has something positive to contribute.



    Students are expected to be active and responsible learners by participating in class activities, completing their homework promptly and seeking extra help when needed!!



    You will be given homework on a regular basis, for the purpose of reinforcing objectives being studied.  You are expected to complete homework assignments on time and neatly (no torn paper, few cross-outs, correctly labeled.)  Homework is important practice.  If you are absent, you will have additional time to complete the assignment.  That said, I expect you to ask what you missed and when it needs to be completed.  If you are in school, but miss class, you are expected to get the assignment before leaving school.  All homework will be graded.  Full credit will be given for neat work, turned in on time and showing effort!

    **Your first assignment is to complete the signature sheet attached to this packet and return it to me.  Please keep this page in your binder.  I will be looking for it during your notebook check. 


    You will receive grades in the following areas:

    • homework

    • dialogues & skits

    • tests, quizzes (written and oral) and projects



    1 looseleaf binder (at least 1½ “ or a large section of a shared binder)

    2-3 dividers

    1 folder (2 pocket & hole punched)

    3x5 index cards

    textbook cover (paper bags work well!)

    optional: colored pencils or markers

     Extra Help

    If you need extra help, please ask.  We will find a time to work together!  Don’t wait until you feel overwhelmed. 


    Parents: Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have! or call the main office.


    Madame Andrea Welti