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    Haviland Ski & Ride Club 2020-21 Website     last updated: August 24, 2020

    The school district's reopening plan is not having extracurricular activities at this time.  All I am trying to do is see what interest there is based upon parents having to drive their students to and from the mountains. If the school district opens up having extracurricular activities I will email all of you that express interest as I request below. thanks...Mr Fraczek

         Hello and here are my thoughts about this years 2020-21 Haviland Ski Club: We need to be socially distant to one another so renting charter buses is not an option.  The only way ski club works this year is if parents/responsible adult drives their students to & from the mountain.  You are welcomed to ski with us and buy your lift ticket at our Club discount. I've been in touch with Belleayre and they are still working out the details how this winter ski season will look like and the costs involved. Once I hear back on the finalized details I will update this website. 

         If you and your student are interested in joining please let me know via email so I can get an idea of the size of our club. Cost wise it will be no money up front but you still need to complete the parents permission form for each HPCSD student joining us on the mountain. Parents will rent equipment rentals ahead of time for the whole season-Potter Bros currently has a great rental sale, lift tickets pay the day before or morning of-prior to 8:00am and to purchase a HMS Ski Club Hat or Gator. If we are in a position to have a ski club end of season party we can do it at the mountain on our last trip.

         As far as where we will ski I suggest the first 2 trips be to Bellearye so those needing lessons can take them at a family friendly mountain. Also Catamount early in the season when snow is on their mountain! Please make suggestions of other Family friendly ski mountains and I will check with them for pricing and details for how this year will work! 

         Email me if you are interested in joining this year(I'm not asking for a commitment just getting an idea of number of Club Members & lift tickets-many mountains in order to open have had to set a limited amount of tickets to be sold each day).

    email to: theodorefraczek@hpcsd.org     with the following information:

    Student name: 


    Beginner with lessons or No lessons required: 

    Parents/Adult names driving to and from: 

    Number of other siblings/adults that will require lift ticket on some trips:

    Again the school district's reopening plan is not having extracurricular activities at this time. All I'm doing is seeing what kind of interest  there is when parents know they have to drive their students to and from the mountain. thanks Mr. Fraczek









    HMS Ski & Ride Club 2019-20 Website     last updated: March 4, 2020

    All in all we had a successful ski season and we ae looking forward to next year.  If you are joining next year remember to rent equipment in August at the fairgrounds Tent sale. Potters brother's charged $89 last August for the whole ski season through April...

    *click on velcrow ski carrier link below trip schedule for Amazon Best Ski Carrier-I have used for 5 years!

    Tentative 2019-20 Ski Trips-subject to change based upon snow conditions at mountains:

    February 1, 2020(Sat) Belleayre Mtn. departing 7:30am return 4:30pm $30 lift $20 lesson

    February 8, 2020(Sat) Belleayre Mtn. departing 7:30am return 4:30pm $30 lift $20 lesson

    February 15, 2020(Sat.) Belleayre Mtn. departing 7:30am return 4:30pm $30 lift $20 lesson

    February 21, 2020(Fri) Catamount Mtn. departing 3:00pm return 9:15pm $27 lift (no lessons)

    February 29, 2020(Sat) 5th ski trip to Gore Mtn. arrive 6:10am departing 6:30am returning 6:20pm

    Gore lift tickets: Adults(20-64) $62, Teens(13-19) $49, Juniors(7-12) $35, group lesson $31.

                March 3rd or 4th 2020 End of season Pizza Party after school 3-4:00 in A17B

    click on this link for Velcrow Ski Carrier

    Results of 11/6/19 after-school voting for 2019-20 Officers & spending items:
             President- Joey Palermo
     Vice-President-Gemma Corrado
             Treasurer-Nico Terralavoro
             Secretary-Chloe Camburn 
    All 5 spending ballot items passed!

     -Applications are now closed for the 2019-20 Haviland Ski & Ride Club.  

    -If your child doesn’t own equipment, parents must rent equipment for the season from Potter Brothers or another local Ski store. Every Summer Potters Bros has a rental special that usually ends Labor Day. RENT EARLY FOR BETTER SELECTION! Here is Potter Brothers website to many specials including rentals:  https://www.potterbrothers.com/rentals/ 

    -We plan on 4-5 ski trips based upon enrollment/weather.  We do 3 Saturday trips to Belleayre so that beginners can take at least 2 ski/boarding lessons for $20 each 1-hour lesson. We also go to Catamount for a Friday twilight trip and if we have enough members enrolled we will go on a late February Saturday for the 5th trip to Gore Mtn. See tentative schedule above. 

    -Parents & family members can buy lift tickets at club pricing. We encourage parents and family members to get involved as a family winter sport. If room permits parents can join us on the bus.

    -Everyone is required to wear a helmet & snow boarding wrist guards for beginner boarders, goggles, ski gloves, snow pants, ski socks you can buy on Amazon Prime with free shipping for around $130, click the tab at the left labeled Amazon shopping cart on Haviland Ski Club website. My list is to help parents who haven't skied to buy the proper clothing for a reasonable price.  Visit the Haviland Ski Club Website located under Clubs on the left side of the Haviland Middle School Website for additional information and check out photos to see the kind of fun you will be having! \

    Parents if you have any questions email them to: theodorefraczek@hpcsd.org        


    These are rules to be followed by all ski club members, guests on bus and chaperones:

    A. Please check back to the Haviland Clubs Ski Club website the morning of each trip to see if the trip is cancelled. I will also send out a group email to the address you provide that morning if cancelled. If a trip is cancelled we will attempt to makeup the trip. https://www.hpcsd.org/Page/10431

    B. Try on all your ski/boarding clothes, equipment including boots ahead of time. Most likely they are too tight. Have you equipment tuned-up and safety checked by a Ski Shop. Helmets are required!

    C. Potters Bros has a summer rental deal currently for $90 it ends Labor Day. You must bring your ski/boarding equipment with you to be stored under the bus so mark with Name, Phone Number & Haviland Ski Club. Bring your bag with food, drinks and clothes onto the bus. You cannot rent equipment at the mountain unless your parent is with you to sign the waver form of the mountain for rentals, pay for rental, and approve style, length, boot size and fit. Haviland Ski Club cannot sign for or rent equipment at the mountain only your parent can. Rent equipment for the season from Potters Bros 845-454-3880 or Ski Haus 914-298-9597.

    D. Mark  bag & other gear with label to identify as yours: Name, phone # & Haviland Ski Club.

    E. Think about using a ski lock, to lock skis to rack while you are inside the lodge. I don’t use one but some people do. At the minimum use the rack that faces the window of the ski lodge where we will be sitting inside so you can keep an eye on your equipment. Wrap straps of ski poles around skis tips.

    F. Buy wrist supports for boarders that are beginning since they will be falling a lot the first 3-4 trips and a helmet is mandatory. Some mountains require parental signature on a terrain park release form and extra fee. Go to the mountains website and download the form have parent sign it and bring with you the day of the trip. Belleayre doesn’t require a form to use the Terrain parks when parks are open. Terrain parks are where most accidents happen so be sure you instruct your child if you prefer them to stay away from Terrain parks!

    G. Bring a hat, turtle neck fleece (to pull up over your face) or face protector to prevent frostbite when below 32 degrees on the mountain (best to have one in ski bag). When the weather is cold you need to have all exposed skin covered! No scarves they are dangerous! Also long hair to be tucked under your hat or it can become tangled into equipment like goggles or zippers. If your child is one that has cold feet and hands, please buy hand and feet warmers for them. They keep their extremities warm; read the instructions with them since you never put the warmer against bare skin! They will last for 6 hours.

    H. If your parent signed you up as a beginner you will be required to take lessons on the first two ski trips to Belleayre. If your parent or ski instructor informs you to take additional lessons you will have to bring additional money for lessons on top of the lift ticket.

    Belleayre has a “Learning Magic Carpet area” for true beginners that has personal helping true beginners. If they know the basics but you still want them to take a lesson, they will ski off with a group of instructors who will place them in a group by ability and give them a lesson on the mountain. Lift ticket at Belleayre is $33 + $15 for lesson.

    J. Bring healthy snacks, drinks (several bottled water is best, bring 2-3) and a lunch or lunch money. Food is very expensive at the mountain so think about bringing your own food and drinks. (Several snacks/drinks because you will burn calories & be hungry and thirsty.) You need to pickup any mess you make on the bus and in lodge-your parent isn’t here to cleanup

    K. We will sit as a group in the Discovery Lodge at Belleayre & Catamount so bring your backpack/ski bag into lodge with lunch, drink, extra socks, change of dry sweatpants & pullover to change, to leave in the lodge. Change into ski socks in the lodge so you start with dry socks. Please don’t bring valuables and leave in lodge unattended: iPods, cameras, wallet, money, jewelry, cell phones, etc.

    L. If it is going to be cold and windy wear warm clothes, a face mask or gator to pull up over face, hat, gloves, helmet ski goggles and layers. Ask a ski buddy if you are not sure what to wear. No exposed skin if below 32 degrees or very windy.

    M. You need to listen to all Haviland Chaperones while on bus or at the mountain. Keep the bus clean and deposit your trash in a bag not on the bus floor or seat pockets. Talk at a normal volume not loud. When the movie starts please be quiet for those who wish to watch movie. You have the right to have a good time but not at others expense. If asked to lower your voice or behave please comply or risk being moved up front, banned from next ski trip, no refunds allowed since bus & Hat/Gator is prepaid.

    N. All rules of school apply to students and chaperones on the Ski Club trips use your common sense and if that little voice in your head is telling you this is not right listen to it! If you are suspended from school you are also suspended from the school ski trip-no refund for bus trip since bus is paid for.

    O. Students must ride on the assigned bus in their same seat, no switching of seats/buses unless approved by a chaperone. Someone can bring an age appropriate DVD movie to watch.

    P. Ski with a buddy or two do not ski alone! If you are hurt skiing go to first aid or send one of your ski buddies and tell First Aid to contact Haviland Ski Club Advisor.

    Q. Everyone should stop for lunch sometime between 11:00am and noon to meet up with other Haviland Ski Club members and rest for a while. If you are tired and many of you will be don’t push yourself take several breaks.

    R. If you are tired or cold come to base Lodge and meet up with the Ski Club there will be others that are tired too. If you push yourself too hard you could get hurt and miss the rest of the season. You need to be off the mountain by 2:50 the latest and not skiing, change you clothes, buy a snack for the ride home and head to the bus at 3:00. You will risk being barred from the next trip if you hold up the bus. At 3:00 one chaperone/parent will go to the bus so you can board the bus. Parents be at Haviland new parking lot upfront by 4:45pm to pickup from Belleayre, by 9:30pm to pickup from Catamount and 6:20pm from Gore.

    S. If you drove to the mountain on the bus then you return to Haviland on the Bus!!! The only exception is if a written note, dated, signed by your parent, with parent cell phone number, hand delivered by parent to the Ski Club Advisor before we leave Haviland in the morning!

    Parents & members leave your cell phone on all day & charged it’s our only way to contact you!

    Last year parent kept their child, didn’t notify Advisor and their cell phone batteries were dead so we could not get in contact with parents. The child had told other ski club members they were staying with parents and going home with parents. (Parents & members please pack a wall receptacle cellphone charger in ski bag and keep cellphone charged while at the mountain!)

    T. Check back to the Haviland Ski Club at the Haviland Middle School Clubs website for updates, photos and changes. https://www.hpcsd.org/Page/10431